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Adult Protective Services

Mandated by the State of California, Adult Protective Services (APS) is a 24-hour service program designed to investigate all reported at-risk situations without regard to income involving individuals 65 or older and dependent adults (18-64 who are physically or mentally impaired). Types of referrals include physical, sexual or financial abuse, isolation, neglect, or self-neglect. Referrals are received through the Elder Abuse Hotline or from other entities.

Once the report is filed, the APS Social Workers make face-to-face contact with the abused, neglected or exploited person to investigate and assess the situation. An appropriate case plan is developed, working with outside agencies such as the local Senior Center, law enforcement, the Alzheimer’s Association or the Department of Consumer Affairs, coordinating with Department of Mental Health, Public Guardian, law enforcement or the District Attorney.

Regardless of personal and family circumstances, there may be a situation in life that requires the services of Adult Protective Services to address life’s challenges. It may be as simple as providing guidance to a stressed spouse who is no longer able to care for a terminally ill loved one, or as complicated as intervening in the life of a mentally incompetent senior who is being financially robbed by supposedly trusted caretakers.

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For information contact:
(877) 4-R-Seniors / (877) 477-3646 (24-hrs. Hotline)