Consultant for Implementation of Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Title I Integrated Services Program, Addendum #2

12/23/15WIOA Consultant RFP Addendum #2280 kBView
Budget (Exhibit 11 of Appendix D)30 kBView
Budget (Exhibit W of Appendix C)29 kBView
Performance Requirements Summary Chart (Attachment B of Appendix B)37 kBView
Sample Contract (Appendix C)2 MBView
Contract Discrepancy Report (Attachment A of Appendix B)60 kBView
Contract Discrepancy Report (Attachment A of Exhibit A in Appendix C)59 kBView
Intentionally Omitted (Exhibit X in Appendix C)80 kBView
County Recognized Holidays (Exhibit Z in Appendix C)25 kBView
List of Subcontracts (Exhibit Z in Appendix C)60 kBView
County's Administration form (Exhibit E in Appendix C)172 kBView